April 2014

Planning Committee for: The 200th Jubilee of the Birthday
of Venerable Mother Alphonse Marie Eppinger


  Motto: The greatness of a simple life
  Celebration of 200th birthday of Venerable Mother Alphonse Marie


Spirituality of Mother Alphonse Marie


200 rokov narodenia MAM

8. Fortitude

During the most difficult times she did not lack joy and perseverance

  • This virtue was clearly visible in the Venerable Servant of God, Mother Alphonse Maria, especially when it was about the commitment for the glory of God and for the salvation of souls with the desire to make His name known throughout the world. In this she was persistent and her unshakeable willpower helped her.

  • She had a strong character and was able to endure all sorts of physical and mental trials.We cannot find anything about her loosing courage or withdrawing embittered into loneliness.

  • While going through difficult situations the Servant of God always remained faithful and determined in following the Saviour and she could situate everything in the mystery of the cross.

  • The illnesses which accompanied the whole life have never closed her in herself, but they have opened her for the poorest. Through her virtuous life her illness was transformed into strength.

  • The virtue of fortitude in the Servant of God was clearly expressed in the way of leading the Congregation. She was very resolute in her decisions, but always with the intention of safeguarding the unity and interests of the Congregation and of being faithful to the spirit of the constitutions.

  • Mother Alphonse Maria responded to the love of God through her life constantly committed to fulfil His will despite many difficulties, sufferings, oppositions and rejections she had to endure. She did everything for the glory of God and for the salvation of souls.

    (Theologians, Rome 2009)