May 2014

Committee for the Celebration of the 200th-Birthday
of Venerable Mother Alphonse Maria Eppinger


  Motto: The greatness of a simple life
  Celebration of 200th birthday of Venerable Mother Alphonse Marie


Spirituality of Mother Alphonse Marie


200 rokov narodenia MAM


The Rule that is alive

  • Elisabeth Eppinger, venerable Servant of God, was an example for obedience all her life. From her childhood onwards she practised this virtue which marked her life. When she had understood that the will of God is revealed to her through the voice of her parents and her spiritual guide, she tirelessly fought against the fault of her temperament, the stubbornness which could have made fail what the grace of God had sown in her soul. She wanted to obey whatever the cost.

  • She did not long for anything other than to know the will of God and to live according to this will. She allowed herself to be led to obedience by God who invited her to an extraordinary experience. She was firm and unwavering in her obedience.

  • The Servant of God, Mother Alphonse Maria, obediently followed her conscience. In this spirit she set up all her works. Fr. Reichard could testify: „She is like the Rule that is alive. She meticulously observes the regulations of the Institute and by preference sticks to the most severe practices and to those which are most opposing to her nature“.

  • She acted in the spirit of love and obedience. All her life she strived for the perfect obedience. „I repeat and confirm“, Fr. Reichard wrote to Bishop Raess, „that everything in her conduct was pure obedience with a willingness of the mind and of the heart which never diminished even for a moment since her childhood“.

  • For Elisabeth - Mother Alphonse Maria – obedience and humility were important prerequisites for the supernatural gifts which she had received from God. In obedience to God she always followed her sensitive conscience. From her childhood, the slightest deviation from her own resolutions made her afraid of offending God.

  • The spiritual life of the Servant of God shows an extraordinary greatness because she allowed herself – as humble instrument of God’s love – to be led by HIM in everything. In obedience she also made efforts to live according to the Constitutions of the Congregation as sign of the loving commitment to God.

    (The Theologians, Rome 2009)