August 2014

Planning Committee for: The 200th Jubilee of the Birthday
of Venerable Mother Alphonse Marie Eppinger


  Motto: The greatness of a simple life
  Celebration of 200th birthday of Venerable Mother Alphonse Marie


Spirituality of Mother Alphonse Marie


200 rokov narodenia MAM


Undeniable spirit of continuity despite changes and different situations

  • Young Elizabeth practiced in virtue of humility by accepting her parents orders and reprimands. She did their will and later humbly submitted to the guidance of Father Reichard and, also, Bishop Raess. Elizabeth's spiritual leader tried to avoid her excessive ways! She thought that humiliation was the best and shortest way to become humble. Elizabeth, fervently, prayed to Jesus for humility!

  • Father Reichard presented his observations of Elizabeth's humility to Bishop Raess for theological review. Venerable Servant of God showed such profound humility which is equivalent to Catholic Mystics. She considered herself unworthy of esteem and consideration.

  • Mother Alphonse Maria made an effort to hide her virtues, her extraordinary graces, the holiness of her life. She did it with simplicity thinking there was no good in herself. Despite her humility, the mystical experiences made her known as “Extatique de Niederbronn”. Mother Alphonse Marie's virtues way are a reflection of her obedience to the Holy Father, Bishop, Spiritual Director and Priests.

  • Despite the illnesses that inflected Mother Alphonse Marie's earthly life, she was dedicated to the sick, the disinherited of society, all abandoned and dying people. This experience helped her with the Congregation she founded and became the charism for the Church.

  • Mother Alphonse Marie's life centered around living the Theological and Cardinal Virtues which she manifested in her attitude of humility, surrender, devotion to the sick and needy.

  • Everyone who knew Elizabeth - Mother Alphonse Marie admired her eagerness for humiliations and love for Christ's Passion. She endured a lot of hardships during her life because she wanted to imitate the suffering Jesus and practice humility.

  • "Humility weakens pride, strengthens the will to do good and pours joy to the soul". These words were spoken by our Foundress, Mother Alphonse Marie, to her Sisters.

    (Theologians, Rome 2009)