Februar 2014

Planning Committee for: The 200th Jubilee of the Birthday
of Venerable Mother Alphonse Marie Eppinger


  Motto: The greatness of a simple life
  Celebration of 200th birthday of Venerable Mother Alphonse Marie


Spirituality of Mother Alphonse Marie


200 rokov narodenia MAM


Duties towards God and the neighbour

  • The servant of God fulfilled her duties of justice impartially and without bias. She wanted her work to be above all in the service of the poor; but she did not neglect the rich who, too, have their problems. She received each visitor with the same kindness, nobody was turned away.

  • She said to her daughters: „Rich or poor, all of you are equally dear to me. I only look at your vocation, at your fidelity in responding to the divine grace“.

  • She neither looked at the race nor the nationality: „It is to be taken into consideration that the spirit of religious life is the Spirit of Jesus Christi; that this Spirit is the same for all peoples; that it can be in accordance with the character and the customs of all nations. The attitude of sisters caring for the sick is the same in all countries towards the suffering humanity“.

  • She was always generous. She did not permit sisters to demand any payment for their nursing care. She did not ask any dowry from the postulants; she accepted only what was offered.

  • The sisters took in the abandoned poor sick in their homes. She saw to it that the workers received an additional ration of food. She brought bed-sheets and clothing or had them brought, when the sick did not have any. She distributed food to the poor though she did not have any reserves.

  • In her words and deeds she always paid attention to truth and sincerity. She was always honest to the people who came to her for advice and whom - under the inspiration of grace – she had to show their vices, their blackest depths, their failings.

  • Whatever the cost for her, she never covered up the truth; and she said everything with the greatest love. Many conversions followed these disclosures.

  • She was honest to her sisters; she corrected their mistakes without diminishing their importance. With heroic will she wanted them to be formed in accordance with the truth whatever may be the cost for her.

    (Theologians, Rome 2009)