1. The Birth of Elisabeth Eppinger
     Elisabeth is born on September 9, 1814, in little town of Niederbronn in France, into a Christian family. Of 11 children she is the oldest.
     Advance as many spaces forward as- the number in your day of birth.  

     2. The baptism of Elisabeth
     Right on the next day, September 10, 1814, her parents request baptism for her and they entrust her to the protection of Saint Elisabeth.
    Advance 10 spaces forward if you know when you were baptised; if you do not know, remain on the same space.  

    3. Mom teaches Elisabeth how to pray
    Elisabeth learns how to raise up her hands, how to kneel and repeat the names of Jesus and Mary. When she is three years old, she already recites the “Hail Mary“prayer, and later also “The Angel of the Lord“ and other prayers. Doing it makes her feel very happy.
    Advance 7 spaces forward if you remember the first prayer that you ever learned.  

    4. Prayer with parents
    Faith in the Eppingers‘ family is very lively. They never omit the common prayer.
    Advance as many spaces forward as many times you have prayed this week together with somebody.  

    5. Elisabeth listens to the life-stories of the saints
    She often visits her aunt who likes to read to her about the saints. Elisabeth listens very attentively and she wants to become a saint, too.
    Advance 10 spaces forward if you can name two saints from your country.  

    6. Elisabeth tells her friends about God
    When she plays with children, sometimes she interrupts the game and talks to others about God. She does it zealously and everybody listens carefully.
    Advance as many spaces forward as the number of people who have heard from you about God this week.  

    7. Elisabeth at school
    She begins school as a nine-year old girl. She is not too talented. She learns only how to read and how to sign her name. But during religion lesson she is very attentive; her eyes shine with joy and she listens with great interest.
    Advance as many spaces as many times as you have read something from the Catechism, YOUCAT or other religious literature last month.  

    8. Elisabeth’s First Holy Communion – April 13, 1828
    To accept the Eucharist in her time was possible only for children after the age of fourteen. Elisabeth yearningly desires -for that moment and after receiving Jesus she is very happy. In her heart the words resound: “Jesus, I surrender myself, I do not want to offend you with sin anymore...“. The priest David Reichard helps to prepare her for this moment. On that day she prays for him dearly.
    Advance 13 spaces forward if you know the name of priest who celebrated your First Holy Communion.  

    9. Elisabeth prays the rosary
    Elisabeth helps her parents at home and in the fields. She walks behind the carriage that is led by her father into the vineyard where people work long days. She wants to live in the presence of God and asks: “Lord, help me to remember you never-ceasingly.“
    Advance 5 spaces forward if you can name the mysteries of any rosary.  

    10. Desire to enter the convent
    When she is sixteen years of age, she tells her parents about her desire to consecrate herself to God and she asks them to permit her to enter the convent. Her parents flatly refuse. They are too poor, too overloaded by worries about their children, and they could hardly go without the help of their oldest daughter.
    Advance 8 spaces forward if you can name at least two religious orders in your country.  

    11. Illness
    Young Elisabeth is sick. During her long illness she unites always more with the suffering of Savior. A priest brings her Holy Communion and she encourages his parishioners.
    Advance 5 spaces forward if you know at least one patron saint of the sick.  

    12. Elisabeth helps her parents
    After three years of illness, her parents are very glad that their daughter can take part in house work again. She strives to work hard and to do all things conscientiously.
    Advance 9 spaces forward if you can name three jobs with which you help at home.  

    13. The visit of Bishop Räss
    When Elisabeth is 27, she gets sick again. During the illness her spiritual life is deepened. She is able to give advice to others and people come to her gladly. The Bishop comes to her too. He talks with her and he sees that Elisabeth is trully deeply wedded to God, who gave her extraordinary gifts. The Bishop has great respect, and he will always defend her.
    Advance 5 spaces forward if you know the name of the bishop of your diocese.  

    14. Elisabeth listens to what Jesus wants from her
    Elisabeth desires the silence of the convent. Gradually God shows her his will: “I have chosen you to found a new congregation. It is my work! Just for your simpleness, I want to show my mercy through you.“
    Advance 3 spaces forward if you remember what God expects from you.  

    15. Elisabeth goes away from her parents´ house to the - “Klosterle“
    On August 28, 1849, she definitively withdraws from her parents´ house. Four friends who want to consacrate their lives to God already wait for her in their new home. Elisabeth is happy but she is also in awe at the great responsibility. The Lord calms her down and He assures her that He will always be with her.
    Advance 7 spaces forward if you have already been in any convent you can name - which one?  

    16. A new name and the religious habit
    Elisabeth, as a thirty-five-year old, - receives a –religious name in the convent chapel through Father Reichard - sister Alphonse Marie – and the religious habit. She is officialy appointed as their superior and she takes care of the sisters like she was their own mother.
    Advance 4 spaces forward if you know the religious names of two sisters that belong to her Congregation.  

    17. Respect for priests
    From the childhood her parents bring respect for priests home to her. Almost all her life pastor David Reichard is at her side, the one who helps her in her spiritual growth and who guides her. Through him, God often shows her his will. She accepted it always with disposed obedience.
    Advance 5 spaces forward if you remember when you greeted a priest for the last time.  

    18. Alphonse Marie sees the great poverty in her town
    On the feast of Saint Therese, for the first time, human misery knocks on the door of the convent. Two postulants immediately go to the sick woman and they readily help her. Alphonse Marie makes haste after them; she brings clean linens and she herself prepares the bed. They help the sick person several days and nights and then to their great delight her health returns.
    Advance 5 spaces forward if you have helped some poor person during the last month.  

    19. Alphonse Marie helps everybody regardless of their religion
    Shortly thereafter, one woman with tears knocks on the “Klosterle“ door and asks help for her husband who is seriously sick. It is protestant family. Everybody is very surprised when the sisters do not refuse them. Mother Alphonse Marie helps everybody regardless of their religion.
    Advance as many spaces forward as many other religions you can name.  

    20. The Sisters in the “Klosterle“ cook for the poor children
    In the “Klosterle,“ twenty-five poor children get warm soup with bread daily before their lessons, and lunch at noon. They get also clothes if they need them. There is never an abundance of things in the “Klosterle,“ but they always feed and provide for everybody.
    Advance 5 spaces forward if you know a recipe for how to make some food dish.  

    21. Alphonse Marie makes the religious profession
    On January 2, 1850 sister Alphonse Marie makes- her first profession in the presence of pastor David Reichard who shepherded her since she was nine.
    Advance 6 spaces forward if you can name three religious vows.  

    22. Alphonse Marie sees misery in her times and surroundings
    The Congregation grows very quickly. The Sisters leave for the new stations in groups of three or four. The Foundress usually accompanies them personally. They are accepted with open hearts and arms everywhere.
    Advance 8 spaces if you can name at least four countries where the Sisters of Mother Alphonse Marie live.  

    23. Alphonse Marie asks the Sisters to pray for the soul of sick persons while going to visit them

    Alphonse Marie underlines the need for prayer. The basic and the most important task of the consecrated soul is to lead people to God. It is impossible without deep contact with Him in the prayer.
    Advance 9 spaces forward if you have prayed for the sick during the last two weeks.  

    24. Joy in the Lord
    Mother Alphonse Marie lives deeply wedded with the Lord. In her heart she feels great joy from life with God. She wants others to experience real happiness. She encourages the Sisters and all whom she meets in joy.
    Advance 10 spaces forward if God makes you happy and you try to thank Him for it with joy.  

    25. Alphonse Marie has in her heart the care of the sick in their homes
    The top-priority task of her Sisters is home-care for the sick. Though if the needs require it, they take possession of abandoned children and other suffering people.
    Advance 3 spaces forward if you have visited any sick person during the last month.  

    26. Mother Alphonse Marie in the difficulties
    Even though many people appreciate her, we can find also those who criticize and abuse her. God´s real friends are used to being tested in this way. And therefore, it is also nothig extraordinary in her case. Already in her childhood, she has come to love the cross and suffering. She thus remains calm and steady, even when others abuse her.
    Advance 7 spaces forward if you have already prayed for your enemies and for those who have hurt you.  

    27. The importance of ardour for the salvation of souls
    The Sister are ready for everything even though sometimes it involves great heroism. Mother Alphonse Marie encourages them: “Dear sisters, do everything for the salvation of immortal souls! In spite of your exhaustion and satity, do not be discouraged ... !“.
    Advance 6 spaces forward if you have recently prayed for the dying, for sinners, and for the salvation of souls.  

    28. Alphonse Marie sends the Sisters to treat the wounded.
    When the war in Crimea breaks out the government appeals to the Sisters of Niederbronn, with the demand to treat the sodliers wounded directly on the front. Five of them undertake this work and as everywhere else, they deserve acknowledgement.
    Advance 12 spaces forward if you have prayed for peace in the world during last month.  

    29. Alphonsa Marie does not stop in her mission and always sees the needs of others
    Love of Alphonse Marie toward the neighbors is inexhaustible. In spite of her own fatigue and illness, she goes to visit the sick mother of a certain priest. This woman becomes strengthened and cheers up.
    Advance 6 spaces forward if you can tell how you once outdid yourself.  

    30. The meeting with her Lord
    The illness strains fifty-three year old Mother Alphonse Marie, who rests on a chair, from which she does not stand any more. On July 31, 1867, He, for whom she lived and served in the sick and poor, accepts her forever into eternal beatitude.
    Soll es dich trösten dein Weg zum Ziel des Spiels aber auch ein Beispiel ehrwürdigen MAM ermutigen in deinem weiteren Leben in der Eifer und der Liebe zu den Nächsten.May you be pleased on your way towards the aim of this game, and may the example of the venerable MAM encourage you in your life to be zealous and to love God and your neighbors.  

  • This party game is based on the confidence of the players as some of the answers cannot be verified. :)
  • If there is a larger number of players, you can make the game quicker and more interesting by using small groups instead of individual players. Through each task, everybody will have the possibility to express himself personally and the summary of answers can move the group forward quicker.
  • The game invites us:
    - to know better the personality of the venerable MAM
    - to follow her life in practicing the virtues
    - to experience the living communion in the joy and confidence while playing the game. :)



    On the occasion of 200th anniversary of the birth of our venerable Mother Alphonse Marie with gratitude, have prepared her Sisters SDR.

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