Logo jubilea

Origin of the LOGO


  Inspiration: The Tabernacle
Birthplace of Venerable Mother Alphonse Marie


  • The three ellipses represent the three present Congregations in the Mystery of the Trinity which recognize the venerable servant of God, Mother Alphonse Marie, as their foundress.


  • The colors of the ellipses symbolize the flags of the countries where the generalates of the three Congregations are located (France, Germany, Italy).


  • The number 200 located in the center of the ellipses recalls the number of years since the birthday of Mother Alphonse Marie.


  • The name, Alphonse Marie Eppinger, is inscribed on the French ellipse because she is from there and her name also touches the ellipses of the other countries.


  • The three ellipses, symbolizing the Trinity, signify the sending of Elizabeth into this world to manifest Jesus Christ, to live, pray, and work, to fulfill the Will of God.


  • The dynamic energy within the ellipses signifies the life and fulfillment present in the Mystery of the Redemption.


  • The years 1814-2014 are the span of time which we wish to remember and celebrate.